Youth To Youth

2010-2011 Youth to Youth Schdule

            Date                           Time                             Place                                Topic

 Thursday 9/23/10                3:20-4:15 PM                Cafe. Annex                   Welcome toY2Y

  Thursday 10/21/10              3:20-4:15 PM                Cafe. Annex                     Red Ribbon Week

* November 8-12 Red Ribbon Week (Activities durning school, details to follow)

 Thursday 11/18/10                3:20-4:15 PM                Cafe. Annex                   TBD and Trip to Wildlights   

*Tuesday 12/14/10                 TBD                                 Columbus Zoo              Y2Y Trip to see the Wildlights   

 Thursday 1/20/11                3:20-4:15 PM                  Cafe. Annex                               TBD

Thursday 2/17/11                3:20-4:15 PM                   Cafe. Annex                                 TBD

 Thursday 5/19/11                3:20-4:15 PM                  MPR                              Year wrap up and Y2Y Dance      

*Friday 5/27/11                    7:00-9:30 PM                  MPR    Y2Y Dance Grades 6 (St. Brendan Only), 7 & 8

(All St. Brendan Y2Y Members get in free to the dance)